Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ness Big Twin Frame

Another Ness frame. I'm Looking for a pre 1970 engine, Shovel, Pan, to drop in it. Let me know if you have one.


  1. that is not a Ness frame. I know this because I used to build them after Jim Davis passed away. he was the guy that built all of the frames for Arlen up until he died in 1988

    nitrous jim

  2. that could be a Harman frame. he built frames where the front motor mount was square like that, and the down tubes continued all the way back up to the seat like this frame has. a Ness frame would have also had different swing arm mounts with gussets running down the tube, a different top motor mount with a tube running from it to the front down tubes and would be compleatly different where the fender struts bolt on. also it would have a tube running from one side to the other under the seat and no triangle shaped area at the top of the seat tube